MV= Maria Videl (this is my kind of manifesto...)

I love Fashion Week. I know it has a few bad things but definetly it is the best week of the year…at least for me…This time I helped fashion designer Carlos Temores, Marvin y Quetzal and from the very beginning throug the end…Mancandy by Andres Jimenez. I didnt coordinated those runways but im pretty sure i did almost the same than what the coordinators usually do. My reason for not doing cordination for those shows wasn’t because didn’t wanted to, or know how to do it, but because im studyng and i couldnt miss school. I want to let people know that i wasn’t born yesterday, I have been involved in fashion week for the last 4 years, going to as many runways as possible, then i worked with Colors and got the opportunity to help fashion designer Louis Verdad, from who i learn a lot, then Bratz by Sara Bustani. Last Fashion week i was the right hand of Sergio Alcala, and become friend of Toni Francesc which is a really great honor to me. Now at days I write about fashion.

One of my biggest porpouses in life is to make people know a lot more about fashion, thats why i write, i go and do fashion week. I do believe in fashion and whatever is in my hands to improve mexican fashion I WILL DO IT