R.I.P. nodatta & oink

Tonight as I went to one of the places where I discovered most of the music that I loved last year, one of those music sharing blogspots called Nodatta, I found out it was shut down by international police and the RIAA along with other famous sites like Oink. I can't do anything else but feel sad, those blogs believe it or not are the only place where people can find real music in these modern days, you can't trust radio, you don't even see videos on MTV anymore, the record industry is gonna change BIG TIME in the next decade, but for now we will only have to keep searching and find the next Tokyo Police Club, M.I.A., or the next Teengers somewhere else in the net, and be considered thieves.

I just want to say that if people is stealing music maybe is because there is no other way to get it before, I mean fuck off with all that Beyonce shit, and fuck My Super Sweet sixteen, play some good music, put those records in big stores and you will see how people will trust you again Mr. Industry, in the meantime we will flip the finger at you!

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